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The right tools for your all-over grooming needs are here at Body Toolz.  Our timeless Vintage Double-Edge Razor will give you that classic shave.   Straight and Disposable Razors are available in classic styles and sizes.  Our classic shaving brushes, mugs, soaps and Shaving Kits are great gift ideas that any man would love.

Everything you need is here at Body Toolz. Facial Grooming Kits, Manicure & Pedicure Kits and our complete line of Hair Cutting Shears and Styling Kits.

Trim your brows, moustache & beards.  Manicure and Pedicure Kits will keep your finger and toes looking clean and neat.
The best tools for a well-groomed man is here at Body Toolz.  Beauty Supplies.

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Shaving Brushes, Soap, Shaving Mugs, Neck Dusters & Shaving Gift Sets

Body Toolz has quality shaving brushes, rich lather long lasting soap and mugs.  Our shaving brushes are made from Natural Bristles, Boar Hair and Horse Hair.  We carry Marvy Omega Shaving Brushes and Shaving Gift Sets.
Bring back the art of shaving with Body Toolz Barber Supplies.