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Classic Razor & Cartridge Razors

Cartridge & Classic Vintage Razors


Body Toolz has the latest in Shaving Razors.  Available is our Classic Razors, Vintage Razors, Cartridge Razors, Razor Handles and Blades.

Looking for an old fashion shave?  Our Classic Razors will offer a clean close shave every time.  The Barber Pole Razor is one of our most popular Classic Razor.  Easy to use Butterfly opening.  High quality stainless steel construction will last for years.  Double-Edge Blades available.

Our Razor Handles now fit the Fusion Razors.   Each Handle comes with a Mach 5 Fusion Razor, Traveling Case and a Free Razor Stand.  

Shave in Style With Razors and Blades From Body Toolz!