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Professional Toenail Kits,Toenail Clippers, Ingrown Toenail Set, Callus Remover & More.....

Here, at Body Toolz you will find a complete selection of Pedicure Tools for trimming toenail, removing ingrown toenail, files that relieve stubborn ingrowns, callus removers, foot files, toenail sets, scissor and more.  

Our new Limited Mobility Toolz include the EZ Reach Foot File, The EZ Reach Ingrown Foot File and the EZ Reach Toenail Scissor.  These items are great for people who have had hip and knee replacements.

All products are made for high quality stainless steel and are used by the Professional

Say goodbye to overgrown toenails, ingrown nails, callused feet and say hello to healthy happy feet.