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Hair Cutting Shears That Bring Professional Results!

Body Toolz offers the largest line of Hair Cutting Scissors and Accessories for today's hair stylist.  Available are the Ultimate Kazee Japanes Shear and our line of CrossKut Barber Shears.

Hair Cutting Sets and Swivel Thumb Shears are available in all sizes and styles.  Enhance your creativity with our Thinning Shears, Texturizers and Styling Razors.

Guaranteed quality scissors for the most discerning hair cutting professional. Our professional hair cutting scissors are great for gift giving.  If you are not completely satisfied we will gladly make the necessary exchanges or refunds.

Shear Sharpening Now Available.


Shear Maintenance

Maintaining your shears is critical to ensuring their longevity.  Treat your shears with care.

Keep them clean and shiny, and they'll last you a long time.   Oil shears at least once per day.

Always look for hairs in the screw, and remove them immediately.  When shears are not in use, keep them in a case.

Dropping shears can damage the edges.

Have them sharpened and maintain when needed.