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Extract Blackhead & Whiteheads The Correct Way

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Extracting Blackheads & Whiteheads

A blackhead is a plug of dry, dehydrated sebum that gets stuck in the pores of your skin for any of several reasons, including production of excess oil, lack of water in your system, excess dead cells blocking the pore opening, and improper skin cleansing.

How to Remove Stubborn Blackheads & Whiteheads

If a blackhead is large and there is no infection present, you can safely extract it yourself.  To do this, you need to soften the skin by taking a hot shower, applying a warm facecloth, or steaming your face over a bowl of hot water.  Be sure to clean your face before you begin. After softening the facial skin, you press the extractor hole over the blackhead and press gently.  The plug should come out through the hole without damaging the surrounding skin.  The sides of the scoop can be used to remove oily skin debris at the side of the nostrils, the dip of the chin, and in the ears.  Take care when using a blackhead extractor as pressing too hard can damage the skin. Also, be sure to sterilize your extractor before and after each use.  After  removing a blackhead, apply an antiseptic soothing cream to kill any bacteria that may enter the open pore. 
Handle with care and keep out of reach from children, as some points are extremely sharp!
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