The right technique gets the best results

How to Tweeze
Learning how to tweeze and remove unwanted facial hair is the first step toward getting the look you want. These instructions will teach you how to shape your eyebrows cleanly and comfortably, giving you a fresh, well-groomed appearance.
Eyebrows should begin directly above the inner corner of your eye and go about a quarter inch past the point directly above the outer corner. The brow should extend slightly past the corner of the eye and taper slightly down. The peak should be aligned with your pupil. Pluck, cut or wax the strays that fall above or below this curve one at a time. Using Body Toolz Professional Tweezers, facial hair scissors, brushes and cosmetics, follow the steps to grooming your brows and putting on the perfect face.
Using our Brow-N-Lash Comb brush the hair in the direction of the hair growth to find the stray hairs that need to be plucked. Be sure to step back from your mirror and check your brows.
TECHNIQUE: Always tweeze in the direction of your hair. Brush hairs straight up for a fuller look, or to the side for thinner line. Pull one hair out at a time. It is alway best to tweeze less than more. Pull gently and smooth, making sure not to yank.
Brush brows and fill in any sparse patches where the skin shows through with eyebrow pencil or eyebrow makup. You can also use stencils for a more dramatic look. Last, use your brow brush one more time to blend the color into your brows and skin.

For the cleanest-looking finish, apply a bit of brow gel or clear mascara. Another option, spriz hairspray on an old mascara wand and comb it through your brows.