Manicure Tips

Gel Polish Removal Tips
  1. File - Using a nail file grit 180 gently remove the shine fro the nail to break the seal of the gel. This helps to ensure quickest gel removal.
  2. Saturate - Using a gel remover or acetone. Pads foil & cotton can be used in place of remover wraps.
  3. Wrap - Place saturated pad or cotton on top of gel nail. Wrap around finger with foil and secure. Allow to penetrate for a minimum of 10 minutes. Or follow directions on gel removal products.
  4. Remove - If gel does not completely loosen after saturation, use a cuticle pusher or stick to gently remove remaining gel.

    DO NOT PRY OFF.  Be careful not to scrap away the surface layers of the natural nail.
    If product still remains lightly buff away with a buffing block.