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Extended Testimonal

Body Toolz wins my vote hands down...

I want you all to know that so far, my experience with your company has been amazing.  I hit the button on the order and immediately got an email with the confirmation number.  I was just typing an email response back to it to ask if there would be a several day processing time before the order would actually ship and I barely got a line down and my phone at work was ringing with a representative of your company confirming that someone fraudulent wasn't trying to use my card! 

I am a Procurement Manager for a technology company and this type of response and concern just NEVER happens!  I am thrilled to death over that but then was blown away even further to find out my order was actually shipping this same day!  And now only moments later I have received a tracking number for the shipment for my viewing as it travels.

I show dogs and word of mouth on products is the biggest thing to all of us in the game.  If we see something we like, we have to have it, NOW, and we pass the good word along.  Bigger than a great product, is where you can find that product from a reputable company, at a great price and that gives you drop dead customer service.  Body Toolz wins my vote hands down and I will ABSOLUTELY pass that word along.  You win even more because I have 2 nieces that are hair stylists and you can bet I will fill them in too!

Please keep up the good work and know that it is greatly appreciated by at the very least, this customer!

Barrington,  IL