Hot Lather Machine

Item#/SKU: BT1597

The Lather machine produces a thick and warm lather of shaving cream in just the push of a button. Allowing you to give your clients a more enjoyable shaving experience, without extra hassle! The Lather Time machine features a large reserve tank, that will last throughout the day, without constant refilling. This unit is built tough with a long-lasting DC motor, and a non slip safety pad that will keep it in place during use. This kit also includes a bonus cleaning brush and 8oz bottle ofr liquid shave cream.

  • Large Reserve Tank
  • Push Button activation
  • Non-Slip Safety Pad
  • Easy to use Cleaning Brush
  • Bonus 8oz Bottles of Liquid Shave Cream

Easy Set Up Instructions

  1. Pour hot water into the water reservoir up to the water capacity line
  2. Add liquid shave cream after following the mixing instructions on the shave cream bottle
  3. Mix liquid shave cream and hot water
  4. Plug the unit into the power supply and allow 5-10 minutes for heatingĀ 
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