Barber Strop Horsehide Leather & Canvas 23" L

Item#/SKU: BT3469

Barber Strop

  • Quality Leather Strop With Sharpening Canvas and Swivel Hanging Clip.
  •  23 1/2" Overall Length.
  •  2 1/2 Wide.
Customer Review
I have many years of buying strops. This matches the quality of any strop I've purchased. The principal reason for my high recommendation is that: (1) it is made of horsehide (instead of cowhide) and (2) The thickness of the strop is almost double the thickness of more expensive strops.

For people just starting out with a straight razor, it is important to know that most strops used to be made of horsehide. Horsehide provides a much more dense leather, and, a much more smooth surface for sharpening your razor than cowhide. I've purchased the newer strops made by Fromm, Simco, etc. They are all made by the same manufacturer out of cowhide. I would bet that 20% of the price of these strops is for imprinting the brand name logo on the strop with gold paint. The logo in gold paint has nothing to do with sharpening your razor.

This strop has few markings on it. It is simply a strop. It could be longer. The clip could be longer. The sewing quality could be a little better, but, it works well.

This strop is made in Pakistan. Pakistan manufacturers have a tendency to use old-fashioned quality in manufacturing goods. The horsehide on this strap, if you take care of it, will last a lifetime (just like our old-time strops used to last).

This is a best strop I could find, and, it is cheaper than the other inferior cowhide strops that are available.
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